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If you already know the points, then what topics can you discuss with your partner before having sex?

1. Variations and limitations

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Discuss the limitations and variations of lovemaking styles that can and should not be done by your partner. Is the standard and mediocre, or want more varied, or even acrobatic. There is nothing wrong with trying new things, but there must still be a mutual agreement so that each of you feels comfortable when having sex.

2. Thought of each

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Young couples are usually still excited about trying new, more challenging styles. However, don’t let you and your partner feel reluctant to speak up for fear of being considered boring. If you or your partner object to doing so, you both should be open about it.

3. New sex styles

Of the many chat topics that you can discuss, making love is one of the most exciting topics. Discussing sex styles before sex is a natural thing, maybe you should even do it. Discussing lovemaking styles can also make the atmosphere more exciting and intimate. Of course, the next step is just to follow the results of your conversation.


There are still many people who think having chat before sex with ny elite escorts is insignificant. The right moment can occur because of the conversation you have with your partner. Don’t underestimate a chat, even if it’s brief, because to maintain intimacy, partners need to know the contents of each other’s thoughts.

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