Tip 1 The Keys to Stay Sober when Drinking with Your Escort Girl

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You’ve probably thought that drinking alcohol is what makes you more social with your friends and acquaintances. Well, that’s not it. If you have convinced yourself to have only a few drinks, congratulations. The last thing you want is that you forget everything you’ve done the night before the hangover.


Did you know that there have been many fraudsters using drunk people for money, and other malicious stuff? Here are the tricks to keep you sober when drinking with your asian girls new york and friends.


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Try mix and match

Getting your class does not mean that you need to drink that alcohol. Even non-alcoholic drinks really state your minds. Non-alcohol spirits can be mixed with many other ingredients. You can even ask the bartenders to lower the alcohol percentage for you. For instance, you could mix some with some fresh items like soda, herbs, ginger ale, and so on.


Prepare your answers

There will be times when you need to say “No” to protect yourself and your escort girl. When you stop right at the second glass, people would like to ask you why. And the simple “no” is not enough for them. So, prepare your answers before you attend any social functions or gathering party. Try to find some answers that your friends or acquaintances will find harder to argue. You can talk about how you feel great to meet with your friends and don’t want to ruin it when you are drunk. As we know, most of the drunken people are not able to control themselves.

You can inform them in advance

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Whether it is your Asian Escort girls new York, friends, or acquaintances. It does not hurt to let them know first that you are not drinking when you come to the event venue. Don’t worry. Your true friends won’t be too judgmental on you and they will try to understand, no matter what your reason.


Control the stock – if you are in charge

If you are the one who organizes the event, or you have access to alcoholic drinks. You can control the stocks. Or, you could just stop it. When choosing not to drink, that means you don’t only protect yourself, but also other people.


What do you think about sobriety parties?

Whether it is your friend’s birthday, corporate event, bachelor party, or any other event, why not try to host a sobriety party? You can celebrate this with your other friends who have the same visions as yours.

Don’t forget that you will have a wild night with your Asian call girls new york later. You will want to be sober so that you can enjoy every part of your girl and remember what you did the next day.


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