When to Deposit to Your Escort?

You might have pinpointed your choice to a specific thai social escort provider. And when it comes to the reservation, when is the right time to make the deposit? Many escorts and providers enforce their clients to make the deposit before fully booking their service. Why can you give the money after meeting her? Why is the early deposit needed?


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A courteous gesture from client

What we’d seen from the thai social escort providers is that they have been dealing with many people who do not respect their time. People who are not making deposits tend to be less serious. That means they can cancel or have a cold feet even before meeting with the escorts. If you put yourself at the provider’s shoes, you will agree with this.

When the provider is making an appointment with their client, they are thinking if the client is actually serious about their booking. That’s why the early deposit is necessary as the good gesture of your seriousness in booking their service.


They can make sure that you are with them

When you make a deposit, it simply tells the escort provider that you are good news. Then the escort provider can proceed to prepare all of the things which you’ve requested in no time.

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