Thai massage service in New York and Thailand 2021

We hope that by reading this page, you will know what you may expect if you enter the premises of a massage parlour in New York. There are literally 1000s of massage parlours in Thailand, especially Pattaya and Bangkok.

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Visitors should be alert that there are many kinds of massage parlour, from the overtly sexual the professionally qualified, and everything in between. As a rough rule, you can guess to get what you want, as long as you are rightly clear up front, and willing and capable to pay for it.


A massage parlour is a location where you can get a complete body massage, or a massage of particular areas of the body; for example, a foot massage. As well as different places on the body, there are also different kinds of message. There is traditional Thai massage service, when you are likely to have all your muscles and bones squeezed, cracked and pummelled. There is also oily massage, where the  ladies rubs scented oil into your body. There is lots of regional variation too, so you could ask what the domestic specialty is when you enter the premises.


Without doubt, there are probably some expert massage parlours in Pattaya and Bangkok, but the big majority will be called massage parlours where clients pay for a big range of sexual services.


In order to get the first time visitor, you should be alert that a traditional Thai massage is generally a non-sexual type of massage. The masseuses tend to be pretty rough on your body, kneading your bones and muscles with their feet, elbows and hands. Your private areas may well be draped in a towl, and your bones and muscles fully massaged and manipulated until your hear them crack.


For those seeking a sensual style massage Thai parlour, you should know that there are commonly 3 different kinds of massage parlour. The primary are those who provide massages from in-house parlour girls; the girls will be sitting at a bar, or at tables, and will generally wear a type of uniform.


The second type of massage is locally known as B Massage. With this service, the females message men with their body. The third most famous type of massage parlour is termed sidelines. This kind of establishment generally employs women for night/evening work, since they generally have other studies or employment during the daytime.


You will also view lots of signs advertising “soapy massage”. This is when your picked young lady soaps you all over, then proceeds to soap herself and to wash you, generally in big bath tub. She will then try you fully.


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