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Asian Escort Agency for outcall
  • Face 4/5: Great mix of cute and naughty, has the sexiest horny face, 90% of DB but I find her more attractive in person
  • Body 5/5: Slender body, good smooth skin, FANTASTIC legs, totally my type
  • Skills 4/5: solid service, nice use of her fingers in massage, took a good pounding
  • Service 5/5: did whatever I asked, was friendly at the start and begging to be faster at the end, GFE
  • Agent 4.5/5: Sali has been around for a while, always been good for me, never much of a wait and no b&s. Hotel room, but was made aware of it earlier
  • Retry: 9/10, definitely interested if I can catch her in the last few days before she leaves, still wanna try out



Was feeling horny and decided to take a look at the Escort website . Originally, I had called up Sali looking to book Azalea, but she was busy for the time I wanted. I was offered Sali , and lucky for me, that was probably a much better experience, although I had my eye on Azalea. Once again, was redirected to a hotel in , seems this has become the new York escorts agent.


nyc asian models

Not a big deal for me either way.

Anyway, got to the hotel, and the procedure was smooth, went up to the room and Face opened the door shyly at first, hiding behind the door often do at the start. Once I got in, she called the NYC Escort agency to OK/set the timer, and greeted me cheerfully, asking some basic introductory questions before suddenly interrupting by tiptoeing up and kissing me.


Game on, I don’t like giving a canned self-introduction anyway! We kissed several times.

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