All about New York Eataly (2017 – 2018 recent reversed )

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New York is a mega food destination that offers a wide selection of classic delicacies ranging from meats, pizzas to pastas and wines. Eataly is a massive new Italian-food market and restaurant collection located off Madison Square Park.

The eataly comprises of 50,000 square feet of peninsular provisions and restaurants with butchers, fishmongers, espresso bar, cheese store, wine store, kitchenware department as well as a cooking school. The eataly has numerous highlights and is one of the best places to experience the high life of a luxurious dining spot. From the massive selection of desserts to live pasta stations among other international buffet, you can experience the apex of fine dining at the New York eataly.

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All about New York Eataly

· Meat- You can great cooked meat at the Il Manzo, Mario Batali’s big-ticket restaurant. The restaurant offers a class and elegant setting from white table clothes to high-caliber carnivore cooking and exceptional customer services. The food is worth every penny and you will definitely get value for your money. The Montana-raised Piedmontese-breed beef is usually hand-cut into beautiful tartare with crisp truffle bruschetta and raw quail yolk. The meat is served with pastas with the most common being ravioli full of braised beef that has been reduced to an evanescent puree. You can also take the meat home from Piedmontese hamburger patties, to monster porterhouse steaks and the large selection of offal all meat is sold at competitive prices.

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· Fish- Some of the standouts at restaurant Il Pesce include tender the Long Island swordfish that is served in thick sized breaded cubes with green tomatoes and olives. You can also enjoy the classic fritto misto which is greaseless fried shrimp, flaky white fish and squid ribbons. You can also take the pristine sea creatures at home and do a little experimenting.


· Carbs-The La Pasta and La Pizza restaurants offer a wide range of pizzas ranging from ho-hum Margherita to cheeseless pie with a sauted shrimp, squid, clams and mussels. Batali’s pasta cooks carriers about 250 types of fresh, dried shapes on their display, transforming, for example fresh pasta sheets with ground meat into a perfectly delicious lasagna.


· The restaurant also offers healthy burgers such as the Griled Portobello mushroom which is wisely prepared with roasted red bell peppers, hothouse tomatoes, arugula, sunflower sprouts, bun, pesto sause, caramelized red onions and garlic resulting in an exceptionally crunchy nice tasting burger. Chipotle black bean burger is another famous healthy burger offered by the restaurant. Chipotle is made of black bean chipotle patty prepared with carrots, bell peppers, corn, garlic, arts, cilantro, onions and cranberries resulting in a uniquely tasting burger. The restaurant offers a great selection of inexpensive salads such as the Mediterranean chicken salad. The salad is crunchy, tasty and healthy. It is made of chicken breast, cucumbers, roasted bell peppers pesto, mixed greens, red onions, corn, decided tomatoes and golden raisins Mediterranean chicken salad is simply pleasant. There are also other great selections of salads containing freshest ingredients that are healthy and tasty.


· The waiter’s recommendations and suggestions to try certain foods did not miss the mark. The staff consists of a first-rate team of chefs and waiters with the most ethnically driven professionalism. The service is fast notwithstanding the high number of clients. The well dressed waiters are polite and friendly and guests interact with them well. Unlike other restaurants where you have to wait for an order, Pita Jungle’s waiters are quick to take order and make deliveries as well as fulfill all client’s needs in just a short period of time. The food is served warm and according to your preferences. Some customers opt to omit certain elements in an item and the waiters just fulfill their wishes without complains.


Experience the apex of fine dining at the eataly New York.

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