Must-Try Nightclubs in Manhattan for a Party Girl


Are you consider yourself as a party girl? Then you must have visited a lot of bars and clubs and loves the lifestyle. So, if somebody tells you that Manhattan nightlife is dead, surely you know that it is not true at life. As a Manhattan party girl, you know for sure that the night adventures in the old city is still alive and kicking in these hot places.

Le Bain

Yes, it is the one with the hot tub in the middle. You know that you can’t claim yourself a true party girl if you never take a dip in the Standard’s hotel penthouse discothèque hot tub at least once. The night view of the club is amazing where you can freely enjoy New York skylight and Hudson river. The music is always new and entertaining, and it also offers a wide selection of drinks and delicious cocktail. Keep a tab on the club’s event calendar so you will not miss the craziest gig they run on the weekend.



As one of the classic clubs of NYC, you should at least enjoy the vibe of 1oak. It is still known as the favorite venue of NYC hip hop and R&B artists, where they sometimes hold a special performance. 1oak is where you can party in style while enjoying the good music and drink. The DJ also makes sure that there is an interesting play going on on the dance floor, so make sure to hit the dance floor before you leave.


Marquee New York

The place is so huge and always full of the Manhattan merrymaker. Here is the place to experience a hot night by world-famous DJ such as Steve Aoki. You might need a help of promotor to make sure a smoother entry and VIP access, but if you just want to experience good music and party night of one of the Manhattan hottest escort clubs, just prepare the cash and dig the vibe.


The Get Down at Cielo

This place is a heaven for party girl of NYC who loves to dance all night and getting high. Not only the music treat is awesome, but the club also promotes wellness and happy lifestyle with meditating session before party time, and even a yoga dance party. You need to meet DJ Tasha Blank, the person behind this movement and experience first hand what so-called ‘clean party life’ of Manhattan.

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