Is It Okay to Tip My Escort?

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In case you are hiring korean girls nyc escort, and then you are satisfied with her service. You think that it is a great idea to tip her some money. And you are asking, is it okay to do that? The short answer is a big YES, you can tip your escort girl.

The reason is simple. If you have learned about the basics of industry, you will know that there are two main types of services: commodity NYC Asian escort service and skilled services.



Escort service is categorized as the skilled-based service.Not all women can be an escort. We should also differentiate the escort girls with the hookers on the street. They are different. It is seldom to see people tip someone in the skilled base service. For instance, you won’t tip your doctor in the hospital, right?

But escort service is an exception. It is not wrong to give your korean girls nyc escorts a monetary tip. I am not talking about the extra time you get from her. When you add more time in your appointment, you obviously need to spend more money.

Instead, you can give her extra money to show your appreciation for her excellent service. Another sensible reason can be the extra services that she gives to you.


For instance, there was no agreement to do a massage for you. but then, your escort girl gives you a massage, whether you ask for it or she does it eagerly. That could be the strong reason to give her a good tip.

When we talk about “tip”, it shouldn’t always be monetary. The tip is not always in the form of cash. Anyway, you might also want to avoid giving her money explicitly because it can be dangerous in some countries to give cash in public. Someone can snatch a photo of you and report you to the local authority, or even worse, to your family.



If you think a monetary tip is too risky to do, you could tip her with something else. Find out anything that she likes. Well, it can be everything from her favorite foods, place, wishes, artists, music, and so on. I once encountered korean girls nyc and tip her by tagging her along in a recreation park and a cruise. That tip was appreciated highly by her and she always waited for me to tip her again. She wouldn’t ask me for a monetary tip! You can do this as well. Tip is not always monetary.

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