Have You Heard about Gua Sha before?

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When it comes to the asian body rub in NYC, the name “Gua Sha” will probably show up in the advertisement. Your parlor or girl might offer you this kind of therapy before your sensual night with her.

Gua Sha is still in the category of asian body rub. It is massage therapy which focuses on scraping your skin with a safe massage tool in order to improve your blood circulation.


While the blood circulation is the main objective here, it will also alleviate the chronic pain and other physical problems that you’ve long complained about. The ancient Chinese massage technique has been popularly adopted across the country.

If your attractive masseuse offers you Gua Sha, it does not hurt to receive the treatment. Here are the benefits that you can consider.


Reduce inflammation


This kind of asian body rub has been researched by scientists. They have found that Gua Sha is very effective in reducing the chronic inflammation symptoms. One study has proven that gua sha will bring a good effect 48 hours after the treatment. It will reduce the liver inflammation so that the recipients won’t feel pain anymore.


Alleviate the headaches


The study showed that people who have chronic headaches have completely changed their lives after fortnight of treatments. Their chronic headaches are no more after receiving routine asian body rub for over 14 days. But the result could be different from one person to another. So, extensive research is still needed.


Treat your neck pain


Whether you are living a sedentary lifestyle or not, you might have been complaining about the neck pain. Did you know that seven out of ten people across the globe are prone to chronic neck pain? If you have read this article, you might also feel the neck pain right now. Reach out your asian body rub provider and request to treat your particular part.
The beautiful lady

The great thing about asian body rub is that most masseuses are beautiful and attractive. Some providers even allow you to choose the particular girls to practice the massage. Although there’s a grey area between the sensuality and the health niche in this treatment, you can get both of them as a benefit. It is your freedom to choose how the practices will be adopted.

As you call your escort agency for instance, you could ask them if their girls are able to practice asian body rub. If you get any luck, you can get this bundle for you.

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