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They are adamant this hotel is a 3 star and most likely have never step foot in it.

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I got a “deal” from Hotwire on this room and now rethinking using that site ever again.

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I am unsure if we had a remodeled room. The carpet was worn and barely vacuumed, especially by the furniture. The furniture looked more modern and the bathroom partially remodeled. The sheets were beyond worn, all pilled up and the towels were thin. At the 5:00 am bathroom call, I saw roaches. The next morning we were skeptical on using the elevators because they kept getting stuck.



Yes, this hotel is right next to 95, there is no excuse on how noisy it is. They must have used single pane windows of the thinnest quality. And the next morning we witnessed drama that seemed to stem from a bar located nearby, when the man drove off and the female walked next door to the club.


I only suggest this hotel if driving further may cause you to get into an accident and hurt other people. And stay away from 3 star Hallandale hotels on Hotwire, I am sorry I didn’t hold out for 4 star or go with an actual chain site.

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  • Stayed June 2022, travelled with family
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