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Although impressed, an escort girl is entirely different from prostitutes. Escort services generally recruit attractive women, have good personalities, and without drug problems. Men who use escort services are clients who are far smarter and use escort services in their actual intentions, such as for dinner and drinks. Sometimes there are also those who use escort girl services for sexual services. Even so, the use of escort services is still different from prostitution services. Below are the things you should know about the escort services:


New York Asian Escorts - Asian Amour
New York Asian Escorts – Asian Amour
  1. Escort gets an assessment on the internet.

In today’s era, it is increasingly common for people everywhere to use the internet. Most of these people offer their opinions on various topics. Both requested and unsolicited. Therefore, it is not surprising that the assessments and suggestions regarding the selection of escort services circulated widely on the internet. Some sites even offer ratings regarding escort services and certain agencies as a reference for the public and enthusiasts of escort services. Of course, these sites are not 100% right because agents and escorts can leave positive comments to promote themselves. On the other side, there are some customers squeezing escorts threatening to rank poorly unless they provide sexual services.

  1. Escort services make a lot of money.

Most service providers set rates from $ 150 to $ 400 per hour, depending on requests and services provided. Higher-class escort services (those with above-average beauty or special skills) set more rates. Then there are high-class escort services. This class usually serves executives at a price of around $ 1,000 per hour. The latter is a particular group of elite escort girls. Usually, this elite escort girl works outside of major cities and serves multimillionaires, celebrities, and pro athletes. This elite class companion fare is fantastic. In its heyday, a client had to spend more than $ 2,000 per hour to be able to enjoy their services.

Most men have difficulty in starting relationships, having little time for relationships, or just enjoying sexual relations. Companion services provide a way out for such desires, and certainly with a higher standard of prostitution services on the streets. The internet is the cause of great grace for the escort industry. In addition to security and cleanliness issues, internet sites give men more choices and opportunities to choose the escort services they want. They no longer need to take risks by dealing with regular prostitution service providers on the road. That also causes enthusiasts of escort services to increase rapidly.

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