Manhattan is the densely populated borough of New York city

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Bibliotheca is an old Spanish word that means a library. Manhattan is the densely populated borough of New York city.BIBLIOTEKA MANHATTAN generally means a type of a library in Manhattan. The borough consists of Manhattan Island.

A library is generally an institution that holds books of several kinds. These books are of many types and varieties. Libraries range in different sizes. In Greek the idea of bookcase is represented by Bibliotheca derivatives of this I have mentioned earlier on meaning library. The first libraries of clay tablets. The clay tablets were in the form of cuneiform script learning my history subject. Some of this dating to 2900 BC.This was the same even in ancient Egypt of the great pharaoh era. A Library collection includes: books, periodicals, films, cassettes, databases and even e-books.

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A library is organized and its maintenance is done by a public body, a corporation or an individual who owns it privately. These libraries offer a quiet area of study. Libraries tend to provide public facilities for access of internet. Public and modern libraries nowadays provide modern facilities such as computerized shelves, accessible internet to its users and even E-learning mode of study. This is of great importance especially to learners who need to access their education. Writers like us get the advance of using the preferred research books and accessible for our work. Security is also provided in these modern facilities whereby there is installation of CCTV cameras which monitors the security of its users and even from un authorized access of these great institutions.



The history of bibliotheca dates back in the 2600 BC. They consisted of clay tablets in cuneiform scripts discovered in temple rooms. These archives consisted mainly of transaction records and inventories.Biblioteka marked the end of pre history and the start of history.



There are many types of libraries and some include; Digital libraries and private libraries. Private libraries functioned in the same manner as commercial libraries. One of the most popular private libraries was gentleman’s only library. Membership was just limited to the shareholders. They ranged between four and four hundred. An example of gentleman one library is the Liverpool subscription. It was renamed the athenaeum when it was rebuilt with a coffee house. It had an entrance fee of one guinea and annual subscription of five shillings. The largest and most famous section of this library was history.


Bibliotheca Manhattan has been increasing the use of internet to gather and retrieve data. This shift of digital libraries has impacted the way people use physical libraries. this library is trying to keep up with the digital world at hand and the new generation of students that are used to having information just one click way. These facts may be at times the reason of increased e- resources. As each generation becomes more into tune with the internet the desire to acquire this information as quick as possible. The bibliotheca in Manhattan recognizes the use of librarians with special skills. This modern library has grown over the years due to great technology dating back to the ages of the great George Washington and Russal.This institution is mainly promoting research through the installation of proper internet. The management at this library is well organized. Employees understand their modes of work and work accordingly despite being at the lowest work.

In conclusion, BIBLIOTEKA MANHATAN is not only a library but one of the best.

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