Beware of Escort Scams, all in one guide for 2020

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Because of the escort industry nature, there are many scammers are lurking behind the tempting ads. And some netizens are trapped with their scams. When you are planning to hire escorts in your business trip or night out in NYC, you must be very careful when picking your escorts.

You need to be aware of the scammers signs, like we already listed below.


Fake ads


Chances are you might search the escort service from the online ads like Craigslist or anything like that. There are many good ads which look real. These fake ads usually draw the client to come in for the sake of their money only. Their sole purpose is to get a deposit for the booking sent to them, then they can cancel it at the last minute, or simply no show.


There is a simple way to notice this modus operandi. Usually, these fake ads offer cheaper prices than normal can also look at the profiles of the escorts. If it seems too good to be true for you, then it probably is.


Sometimes the scammers do not accept the voice call, and only reply in their email.never pay for the deposit. Don’t get easily tempted with such stunning photos. You can simply skip these ones.


Stealing your CC information


There are also ads which attempt to steal your credit card information, or other valuable information. These ads do not usually phone contact information. These ads showcase the amazing profiles that 2will get you tempted. The goal here is to get your credit card information and extort your money from it. They will quickly reply to your message and willing to meet up with you whenever you want, with only one catch: your identity verification. Some of them refer you to a website where you need to fill out the information of your credit card. They claimed it as “identification”, while in fact they just need your credit card for a bad deed.

So, don’t ever enter your credit card information as a part of identity verification process.


The photoshopped profiles


Some people have had this experience, which is somewhat silly. the profiles of the escorts look so amazing. They respond quickly and they will come to your place half an hour after you make a call. Then someone knocks on your door, and boom. You’re shocked that the lady that comes to your room does not look anything like in the profile. Only by then you are late to realize that their profiles are photoshopped.your best bet to avoid this is to confirm them by video call or meeting with the agent prior to booking.

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